Hailing from the studio basement suites of Langford, OP Yeti delivers
melodic verses that sound more like lyrical poetry than hip-hop.

With one album, two EPs and a rucksack full of features, the minimum wage
warrior has been secretly amassing over 50 original songs and is currently
working with artists all over the country.

The liveliness of his production, paired with Yeti’s inimitable flow and
comedic talent, promises laughter, energy and passion for all music heads,
dancers and fans of hip-hop alike.

Since early last year he and his production crew have been busy and there are now
a variety of tracks on Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube that will give you
a feel for his talent and style.

Latest ALbum

Alexander Mackay: The Worst (2021)

Smoffee and Weed (Oop-z Day-z) (2020)

end of a messy year (2019)


Dumb Stamp (Single)
Quaranbeats Project (2020)
Live Performance (2018)
Live Performance (2019)

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